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Tarmac driveways are becoming popular nowadays, the elegant driveway design makes your driveway unique and attractive. Tarmac driveways are installed in front of the house to park or drive your car into the garage easily.

We will discuss the benefits, method of paving, and cost of tarmac driveways, if you are living in Ireland in this piece

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What is Tarmac?

Tarmac is the short form of tarmacadam, which is derived from Tar and macadam. Tar is a black viscid liquid. It has numerous industrial and chemical uses, Tar is one of the main products used for road and driveways construction Tarmacadam was invented by an inventor and construction pioneer, Jhon L. Mcadam.

How Tarmacadam is used in Driveway construction?

The construction of large driveways has almost the same process except for the main material that is being used. In tarmac driveways, Tarmacadam is the main material. If the driveway is built for heavy automobiles like trucks or large carriageways cars, then pavement requires extra layers and each layer is thicker than normal paving. All bitmac layering is machine laid by heavy concrete machines. For tarmacadam pavement, the JCB-type machinery is used with a hand-working kit used for different driveways construction.

How does tarmac paving work?

The Procedure of tarmac paving is very popular throughout Ireland and is done as follows;

Tarmac material is carted to the site, and we keep all the construction material onsite to avoid any issues. First of all, the area where the driveway is being built is cleaned and watered so that the ground is even. Any kind of debris is removed. The ground is layered and filled with small rocks and crushed limestone. The sub-base is prepared. Different material is used as the main layer, in tarmacadam paving tarmac is layered and concreted to build a driveway. The binder layer is applied. The concrete is at least 75mm in depth, the kerb is aligned and 100 mm thick layers are formed. Then the concrete and edgings are left to sit for 24 hours. After that, a compact roller is used to make the surface even and smooth. The roller with high compact plates works faster than a normal roller. The sub-layers are checked from time-to-time to make sure the base is the same the whole way around. In the end, nogging by timber cut is required to make sure the surface is layered well and to even out any lows or depths. The roller is applied again to make sure no bumps are present. Westline Driveways are expert paving contractors at this type of paving and can install it with minimum disruption to your day.

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The benefits of Tarmac driveway paving

Tarmac driveways are proven to be very beneficial for many homes around Ireland and have become very popular. Here are some advantages of tarmac driveway paving:

  • Tarmac driveways are easy to maintain. The tar is very resistant to UV radiation and humidity.
  • Tarmacadam driveways are highly resistant to weather conditions such as extreme snows and rains. The well-layered base does not allow water to collect on your driveway. You can easily clean your driveway after heavy snow.
  • Tarmac driveways provide smooth parking to large vehicles, If the tarmac driveway is installed in any area that deals with heavy vehicles then the tarmac will provide smooth parking and easy drive.
  • Tarmacadam driveway paving is affordable and cheap. These driveways are much less costly than other driveways paving methods.
  • Tarmac drive tends to last longer than normal pavement, it can last up to 10 or 20 years if installed correctly and maintained.
  • The process of tarmac driveways paving takes less time (only two days maximum) as compared to other paving methods.
  • Tarmacadam pavement provides smooth finishing with a well-layered base which makes it very comfortable to park your car, van, tractor or truck.

Some things to consider with Tarmac paving:

Tamarac driveways are perfect for most people but there are some things that you need to consider with a tarmac driveway;

The tarmacadam driveways are black or dark brown leaving no other color options.

Like all driveways, the tarmac driveways require maintenance.

Fuel or oil of any kind can damage the tarmac readily.

Why you should install Tarmac driveways if you are living in Ireland

Tarmac driveways are the perfect paving solution for many people. In Ireland, you can install most tarmac driveway without planning permission. It is an efficient paving solution that looks great and is very functional. Unpredictable Irish weather conditions like heavy rain, wind and snow require, you will need a driveway that can stand these tough weather conditions. Tamarac driveways are very robust and work great in these Irish weather conditions.

How much Tarmac paving cost?

The tarmacadam driveways are a long lasting and affordable driveways paving solution.

Numerous aspects affect the charge of tarmacadam driveway installation. For example

The size of the driveway

How much material is being used in paving (normal tar or alloyed tar)

The amount of labor working in installing the tarmac driveway and machinery being used.

Logically, the larger the driveway, the costly your total expenditure will be.

Contact Westline Driveways Paving Contractors for a free consultation and quote for your tarmac paving project.

Take a look at some of the tarmac driveways that we have completed in the Connaught area below:

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