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Westline Driveways are your specialist pavers for Tar & Chip driveways in Galway, Mayo, and the west of Ireland. This page will talk about everything that you need to know regarding Tar and Chip paving. This information will help you when deciding what you would like for your new garden.

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Tar&Chip Driveways

Tar&Chip Driveways paving in the west of Ireland

What is Tar and Chip paving?

A tar and chip paving surface is made by covering hot bitumen, sometimes called asphalt, with stone aggregate.

This is a versatile surface that looks very well when used in driveways paving. It has been a mainstay for driveways throughout Ireland for a long time. Tar and Chip has some different names such as tar and stonechip and sealseal chip, or tar bond. Despite the different names, it is the same type of paving.

A tar&chip driveway is popular because it is hard wearing, requires low maintenance, and it is less expensive than a lot of other driveways paving methods.

How is a Tar&Chip Made?

When Westline Driveways make tar&chip paving, we make sure that the driveway has strong foundations. First we excavate the area that will be paved. Then we pack a mixed-aggregate sub-base into our excavated site. After that, we cover it with hot bitumen, which acts as a seal over the sub-base. The next step is to spread the stone aggregate over the sticky, molten asphalt. To finish it off, we use our heavy roller to press the pieces of stone firmly into their bitumen bed.

It is very common to lay a new tar and chip driveway on top of an existing driveway or laneway. In this instance, we clear the site of any debris and then fill in any potholes that are present.

How does Tar & Chip remove water?

In Ireland, we often receive rain showers and wet days. Tar-and-chip driveways are impermeable (water can’t pass through it) which means that provisions will be made for a suitable flow of water to allow for drainage. With our experience at Westline Driveways, we are well placed to create this drainage safely away from the driveway.

How much does Tar and Chip paving cost?

A tar and chip driveway relatively cheap to install. It is one of the cheapest methods for driveways paving in Ireland. As well as this, it costs very nothing to maintain thanks to it durability and reliability. Tar and chip has a lifespan of approximately ten years, making it great choice for driveways paving. Westline Driveways install Tar and Chip driveways in Galway, Mayo and surrounding counties.

Can Tar & Chip driveways have custom style?

Generally, Tar & Chip driveways cannot be customised in style and colour like some other paving methods (such as resin bond). However it is possible to have a variation in Tar & Chip paving. You can choose from angular pieces of crushed granite with flat, reflective surfaces; and pea shingle – small, naturally smooth stones in shades of light-brown.

Tar&Chip paving Mayo

What are the pros and cons of Tar and Chip Paving?

Like any driveway paving method, tar and chip has some benefits and some drawbacks.

Pros of Tar and Chip Paving:

  • Tar & Chip paving is cheaper than most other paving solutions
  • Tar and Chip driveways require very little maintenance
  • Tar and Chip driveways have a lifespan of approximately 10 years
  • Tar&Chip paving is impermeable which means that water will run off of it
  • Tar & Chip paving is very durable
  • Tar and Chip paving can be installed with very little disruption
  • There is excellent traction on Tar & Chip driveways which provide a safe driving surface.


Cons of Tar and Chip Paving:

  • Tar & Chip paving is less customisable than other methods of paving with little possibility for varied colours



In conclusion tar & chip paving is a very useful paving method. it is very popular all around Ireland Because it is very suited to the Irish weather and it requires very little maintenance. Tar&Chip paving offers a solid and smooth surface that is suitable for driveways and laneways leading to most residential properties. Tar and chip paving is cost effective, long lasting, and relatively quick to lay.

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